day 11: show me the money!

Really I could not resist naming this post “show me the money!”  I am NOT a Tom Cruise fan, but that line… how could I resist.  Today we chat about another super important business item, accepting money.  This, for sure, is important, truly isn’t this the number one (or number two reason) we do craft shows, to make money doing what we love.  I think YES!

There are three kinds of payments you can accept, cash, check and credit cards.  Cash, no brainer, just make sure to have a stash of change on hand.  Using a cash box is best, it doesn’t have to be the “proper kind” with lock and key, it could be any type of box, container, just be sure you are able to keep it organized so you are not searching to find proper change.  (By the way, why do cash boxes have keys?  Really if someone is going to steal your money, don’t you think they would just take the entire box?)

Checks, a bit more tricky, only because a person’s check could potentially bounce and you will have to deal with that.  I consulted my expert, my mom, on accepting checks, she said that in the 10 plus years of selling at craft shows she has only had one check bounce (knock on wood).  She was able to solve this by calling the client, who was embarrassed, and sent cash. One important thing to remember when accepting checks, therefore, is to make sure there is a phone number on the check.

Credit Cards.  Ah the necessary evil.  Many people decide not to take credit cards, but I have witnessed why accepting credit cards is so important.  Many times, while helping out “my expert” at shows, a patron will be shopping in her booth and you can tell by the look on there face that they are having a hard time deciding which piece to buy, they turn and ask “do you accept credit cards?”  “Yes, we do.”  The patron ends up buying the two pieces they could not decide between plus a few more.  Ca-ching! And with the awesome technology of today, you can get a Square for free!  (This is what I will be using, there are others, for me this one seemed best.)  It’s an awesome little devise, basically a small credit card swiper, which plugs into your smart phone.  Download the app, enter in your checking account information and you are in business!  Yes, they charge 2.75% of every swipe, but if you take into account the example I gave you, it’s totally worth it.  2.75% of $100 is only $2.75, not much in the big picture. You will make more money by accepting credit cards, I believe.  The Square also allows you to track all your transactions cash, check or credit card- awesome.

So when you come visit me at the Davis Art Center Art Show on November 30, December 1 and 2, bring your credit cards, cash and checks and if you can’t wait until then, check out my etsy page Vintage Princess by M.E. (shameless plug, I know).

click over here to ready all 31 days of preparing for my first craft show

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