day 8: sorry my platter is full

This is slightly off topic today. It’s late. I’m tired and did not get a single moment to work on my inventory today.  These days are bound to happen; I know that.  It’s the way of life.

I have been learning about myself during this process of preparing for a craft show; what triggers me into complete hysterics, what makes me feel content, what makes me feel like shouting, “I did it” from the hill tops, what makes me feel overwhelmed.  This process has also made me realize that I am a people pleaser.

I have a lot of “side dishes” on my platter right now.  I say platter because a plate just isn’t big enough for all my projects (i.e. side dishes).  With the normal day to day life, my “need” to be June Cleaver, pre-school school board (yes I am on the pre-school school board, and yes our preschool has a school board) and starting Vintage Princess by M.E., I have days when I feel like there are not enough minutes in an hour to get everything done. I am sure I am failing somewhere.  I have to write everything down or I will forget my name, it seems.

Today was the first day I heard myself say, “You know I would like to do that and help out with that project, but I am sorry I can’t right now!”

I paused.  I thought “Okay… wow… I just said no…”

Few minutes later “TRIUMP! I didn’t add another side dish to my platter!”  Happy dance!

The “moral” of my moment today, is that when one is dealing with a platter full, especially when preparing for a craft show, it’s okay to not add another project (i.e. side dish).  The world isn’t going to stop.  People will find there way without my help.  Someone will get it done and it doesn’t have to be me.

(Okay I kind of made that on topic, it’s a stretch for sure, tomorrow I promise will be on topic, “attempting to take photos for the shows website”)

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