day 7: cutting cutting cutting

My fantastic husband and I spent the entire weekend cutting out fabric.  It was really great to have his help and we got a loads cut out so that this week, when I have a spare moment, I have pieces ready to sew.

While cutting we were able to chat about life, goals, a bit of politics and relative issues.  It was really nice.  The only down side is that Kennedy was somewhat ignored, off and on board, somewhat annoying (because she wasn’t getting her normal weekend daddy & mommy attention) and watched totally too much t.v.  I did set up a little art project for her that I saw on pinterest, she loved it for about 5 minutes, she enjoyed the scraps of fabric from the cutting the most.

fabric scrap fun

What I am learning during this process of creating an inventory that will be large enough for a three day (yikes!) craft show is it’s all about being organized.  When sewing or creating multiples of anything, it’s best to do all of step one first, then move onto step two, so you are creating and finishing 10 pieces at a time instead of just one piece start to finish. If I have a few days of just cutting, like this weekend, then I have piles of different items to sew.  This week I know I have 10 jackets, 8 crayon portfolios, 15 bandana bibs and 20 crafting aprons at the ready.

Oye that is a bit overwhelming

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