day 6: scraps of vintage fabric

This morning I wanted to be creative and just play for a bit.  I have a bin full of vintage pillowcase, tablecloth and fabric scrapes that I have always wanted to do something with.  Lately the pennant flag banners have been everywhere and I love those, so I thought why not make one with the vintage scrapes.

a portion of the scrap collection

I drew a simple triangular shape and started cutting the scrapes, picking some of my favorite little bits.

cutting, cutting, cutting

About an hour of sewing, and I had a pile of pennant flags and decided the perfect thing to make them into a banner would be some vintage seam binding.  A few moments later and this is what I have.

part of the finished banner (this is really difficult to photograph)
close up


Cute! It is the starting point of my booth display, not sure what else will be going into my display or even how I am going to display my stuff but I am starting to get a blurry vision of what it will look like.  I will share that adventure soon!


Maybe I should make more of these to sell at the show too, what do you thing?

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