This isn’t working

Okay so in my mind working on all my projects was a breeze.  I would work for a few hours while Kennedy was at school, maybe an hour or two on the days she doesn’t have school, and put in a few hours in the evening.  No problem!

REALITY- this is not working! I can’t seem to get a hang of this.  Working on my projects, happened one day in the past week and a half.  There is no way I am going to make my deadlines like this.

So this morning I got up a little earlier than usual, thought I could get in all my email returning before everyone else got up.  I had five blissful minutes before Myles (our kitty) started jumping in my lap with feed me now eyes. Trying desperately to ignore him, I continued on.  The purring and head butting making me bonkers I gave in.  Small delay in emails, back to work…for five minutes. Everyone is up. It’s good, no big deal, I just have one important email to finish.  John is off to work, okay finish email.

“Kennedy please let me finish this, then I will get you some juice”

“Yes you can play with those, wait what are those, no you can’t have the post-it tags”

“I said, No Kennedy.  I just need a few seconds to get this email finished then I will get you juice.  Oh please don’t do that, Kennedy….”

Yep, not working out.

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