Fluffing the home

Fluffing the home, what does that mean?  I will tell you in a moment, I just need to get something out there first.

I have been super stressed out the last few weeks, why? because family can be crazy.  I am not talking about my husband, child, cat, I mean family members outside of your little unit.  I am sure we all have at least one and you wonder how on earth you are related, that is the person I am talking about.  They make no sense, ad un-needed stress, make un-wise decisions and destroy relationships with other family members. It’s so hurtful, confusing and just makes me want to scream, but I am not going to because we are working really hard on teaching Kennedy that it’s not okay to scream inside. That’s all about that, now on to fluffing.

Fluffing.  In Molly’s world that means rearranging the decorative items in your home, the paintings, knick-knacks, trinkets, dust collectors, what ever you would like to call them.   Fuffing is one of those crazy things I like to do and when I am super stressed I can’t stop myself.

Yesterday was one of those days, I spent the first four hours of my day fluffing.  Not one painting is in the same place, trinkets that were in storage are on display, everything moved- except the furniture.  I am so lucky to have a husband that just says “wow you have been busy, it looks great in here.”  Here is a little sneak peak:

Do you fluff your home? I am sure I am not the only one, although I might be the only one who calls it fluffing.

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