Why do I have three

For the past week I have been reorganizing, spring cleaning, re-doing all the rooms in our small home and getting ride of things we don’t need.  It’s probably been making my husband crazy, but he goes along with it, and I am almost certain that Kennedy is starting to take on my need to design, change and decorate.  (Today she spent the morning make christmas decorations and decorating the t.v.)

A few nights ago, when I could not fall back asleep after another night mare of Kennedy’s I was thinking “why do I have 3 different bolgs?” That really is a silly thing and no wonder I don’t blog as much as I want to.

So today instead of doing the thousand and one things I should have done, I spent most of the day updating and playing with wordpress.  I am by no means proficient at wordpress, put and slowly learning.  I hope this will make a big difference and will be jumping off point to truly, once and for all, get my “business” going.

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